What exactly is a scent?

Don’t beat about the bush, it means you have to get to the point without flowery description.We believe the little extras people put in conver­sation like feelings and details.

Scents are like feelings in a way they are always with us naturally, they are part of our lives.

Of course we can get trough our day without talking about our feelings but we would miss out on so much richness.

Scents, like feelings, are essential when it comes to us living a full and rich life. Living without scents means missing all the luxury that nature offers us. It is like living in a world without colors. Scents are like feelings that have no words.

Imagine a world that only contains facts. Where we don't really listen to one another and avoid feelings. We believe that feelings are what makes us human and gives us inspi­ration. We think of feelings as our engine for life. We are thought to keep it short and simple, bring it all to point:

Don’t make it flowery, be strict with time management and not just let things flow.

But we say, please be flowery and tell us about your feelings. Very often people just need compassion and not just hard advice.

What we just want to say is:

Make it flowery, express your feelings and enjoy the world of scents. Because they help you channel your phantasy, go directly to your limbic system, which is emotional part of your brain. It’s just takes them 20 seconds and they make you happy. Try it, it works, we promise!


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