Set Aroma Dream Balibox & South sea pearl necklace pink


Aroma Dream South sea pearl necklace pink
100% Sterling Silver
Designed in German
Handcrafted in Bali
each piece is unique
timeless design, elegance that’s built to last Sustainable production

Aroma Dream Silver Balibox
100% Sterling Silber
Designed in Germany
Handcrafted in Bali
Size 3cm x 4 cm x 1 cm
Comes with a choice of three different gemstones: garnet, amethyst, topaz


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The plateaus of rice fields, temples, mountains, ancient rituals, specta­cular sunsets and tradi­tional markets - these were our inspi­ration for the Aroma Dream Bali Box. Its precise form contains incredible detail and diffuses delightful aromas throughout the day. It goes perfectly with a silver or pearl necklace. Drop in some lime, lemon or orange and transform your day.

This delicate, pink-colored pearl necklace hand knotted in Bali. The clasp is attached to the pendant, making it easy to reach. Every clasp is 100% Sterling Silver and is designed to complement the jewelry itself. You will love this piece of jewelry. It looks wonderful on your skin. You will keep it forever.

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Amethyst, Garnet, Topaz

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