Handcrafted, no mass production

Around the world, people are disco­vering that scent is about more than just smelling good. A wonderful aroma can help us relax, improve our well-being and boost energy and concen­tration. Aroma can even transform our lives. Show everyone what scent really means to you with your own, personal combi­nation of jewelry and aroma.


With Aroma Dream Jewelry, a dream really is coming true. Inspired by nature’s scents we began our design and development in 2015. Our goal was to combine the luxuries found in nature with equally-precious hand-made jewelry, that feels smooth against your skin and lasts a lifetime. This is why we insisted on making the jewelry from solid sterling silver. And rest assured, with Aroma Dream, nothing is mass produced. Each hand-made piece is one of a kind.


of Aroma Dream Jewelry, Candles and essential oils.

CREATE - individual & elegant

Aroma Dream Jewelry, allows you to create your own aroma­therapy aura in the most intimate, stylish and elegant form.
Aroma Designer Jewelry is where aroma­therapy mingles intimately with the sensual beauty of fine jewelry. An exquisite pleasure to touch and to look at, with an aroma that lifts your mood immediately.

When you choose Aroma Dream, you’ll enter a world of noble colors, precious metals, gems and beautiful design. Wear it anywhere - in the office, at a dinner, in front of your customers. You’ll feel proud and confident when you see how it fasci­nates the people you meet

COMBINE - mix & match

With Aroma Designer Jewelry, you can wear your scent in a necklace and a bracelet. Every locket has a 3mm lug that fits a wide range of fine necklaces and bracelets.

You can change your look by wearing your locket around your neck one day and your wrist the next.  Or you can wear several lockets on your bracelet to create an aroma bouquet.

We will keep bringing new collec­tions to our range.

PLAY - suit your outfit and your mood

Aroma pads that suit your outfit and your mood.  Your Aroma Dream Jewelry comes with a set of pads in six different colors. We promise you'll be happy all day with only two drops of scent in your locket. Every locket, be it large or small will give you the full experience of Aroma Dream Jewelry.You can choose the pad colors with your order.

Every pendant is a match made in heaven. Whenever you step out into the world, your talisman will keep you safe and your smell will keep you calm.

Wear warm, feminine or flowery scents and watch how you'll put a spell on everyone around you!

Designer Jewelry to fall in love

You can fall in love with designer jewelry yourself or give it to someone special. Aroma Jewelry is the perfect gift for everyone who loves scent. If you’ve ever given perfume as a gift, then this is what you’ve been waiting for.

Thanks to the individual designs and combi­nation options, every pendant from aroma dream jewelry is the perfect match. Each piece comes in exclusive packaging that comple­ments the exquisite beauty of the jewelry. Its unique quality always surprises and delights whoever is fortunate enough to receive it. This is a gift that says:

"…I am yours, now and forever!"…"

Occasions to embrace your scents

The day you fell in love with scents is a day that should always be celebrated.
Perfume or jewelry are often given as presents so why not make the gift extra special by combining both? Now, for the first time, Aroma Dream Jewelry allows you to do just that.
The individual design and the infinite ways of combining jewelry and scents are what  make Aroma Dream Jewelry the perfect gift. It’s the gift that really does keep on giving!
From the moment you take it from its elegant packaging, to the daily experience of beauty and sensual pleasure it provides, here is a gift that brings a lifetime of joy. The uniqueness of the present will show how much you really care.Now you can surprise your best friend, a parti­cu­larly lovely customer, your one and only mum, your daughter or grand­child in a way that will not only delight them when they receive it but enhance the rest of their lives.
There are so many occasions to say I love you in a special way and to create a unique and special moment with a selection from the Aroma Dream collection.
It will say:

"…„You’re my everything“…"


Aroma Dream Jewelry, the perfect gift for so many occasions.
If you are looking for that extra special present and are having trouble deciding, we would love to help you. Please send us a short email to with your telephone number and we’ll get back to you straight away.


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