In previous blogpost, I talked about what a scent actually is and how it can be explained. A scent is like a feeling. The scent give you feelings of bravery, vitality, security, elegance, joy, harmony, tranquility, vigour, love and many more.

Now you need to know how scents can directly influence your feelings. Science tells us that the scent receptors in our nose allow us to distin­guish 1 Billion different smells.
We can instantly know what something is when we smell it.
Let’s give you some proof. When you think about a scent, Lavender, what kind of association do you have? Normally people tell us that is reminds them of their grand­mo­thers cupboard or a bright lavender field in Provence. So now you know that you have immediately have a picture or emotion in mind. And you get it instantly.

That means we can condition ourselves to a scent. You don't believe it? What comes to your mind when you think of cinnamon or lemon? You’ll have an association for almost every scent we mention. You’ll also realize that scents will be around you all your life.

So through scents you can directly influence your feelings. It is the goal of the perfume makers to help you unlock this feelings.

Every scent has its own image. But with essential oils you also get a specific effect. Essential oils are a 100% natural distilled from plants. So it gives you the same effect at the plant itself. Essential oils are lifeblood of the plant which protect it from disease. So every plant and every scent has its own effect.

If you want to evoke parti­cular feelings, let’s say tranquility and harmony, than these scents are perfect for your Aroma Dream Jewelry:

  1. Majoram
  2. Ylang Yang
  3. Sandalwood
  4. und Vanilla

You get a highly motivating effect from

  1. Peppermint (our number one)
  2. Tangerine (I love it)
  3. Melissa
  4. Rosemary

Rosemary is a great boost to concen­tration and memory

For an inspiring effect, choose:

  1. Cinnamon
  2. Ginger
  3. Clove
  4. Jasmin
  5. and Sandalwood

For for Aroma Dream Jewelry try 2 drops of Sandalwood. It is not overpowering, but inspires gently.
If you want to find a scent that suits you, you need to decide which kind of mood you want to capture. What do you need most? How do you want to feel? Do you need power? Do you need tranquility? Do you want to feel sensual or romantic?

If you are new to the world of scents this is a lot to think about.

Of course, we at aroma Dream are happy to help you make the right decision.


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