Scent & Design

What is the concept of scent and design?
You can open each of our pendants and put in an exclu­sively made Aroma Pad which will absorb your perfume or aroma oil in the most effective way possible.
How many drops do I put on the pad?
We recommend 2-3 drops of your high quality oil or 2-3 sprays of your perfume.
Can I re-use my Aroma Pad?
If you use it with the same aroma you can reuse it over and over again. You can also layer different scents on it.
How should I care for my jewelry?
To have a lifetime of pleasure with it, it helps to follow some simple rules.

You will get your jewelry in a wonderful, long-lasting box, with a satin pounch and a magnet clasp. You should always keep your jewelry in this when you're not wearing it. You should not put it near the shower, in fact it's wise to keep it out of the bathroom altog­ether. If it does get wet, make sure you dry it with a piece of cloth. If you wear your pendant with a pearls necklace, please be aware that too much exposure to UV light can cause the colour of the pearls to fade.


How much will my delivery cost?
It is very simple. We deliver within Germany for 5 Euro, within EU + Switz­erland for 12 Euro and for the rest of the world for 38 Euro. But you can always drop us a message before you buy from our online shop.
What about the delivery times?
Deliveries in Europe and Switz­erland can take 3-14 days from the time you made your payment. Please be aware that we do not deliver on Sundays and public holidays. If you’ve ordered several items at different times, we will always try to deliver them altog­ether.

Payment and Ordering

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