We make jewelry because we love scents!

And we want to share our passion with you and help you find your favorite scent! So we've decided to give you exclusive tips in our blog. We want you to leave the house happy every day!

In our posts you will find infor­mation which come directly from daily life. We want to be an anchor for you. You can always wear your Aroma Dream talisman. Please give us feedback whenever you like on which scents you want to read more about.


What exactly is a scent?

What exactly is a scent? Don’t beat about the bush, it means you have to get to the point without flowery description.We believe the little extras people put in conver­sation like feelings and details. Scents are like feelings in a way they are always with us…

Are you creative?

Which scent can stimulate your creativity? Creative people have a close connection to themselves, think deeply about their actions and are often in tune with other peoples’ feelings. We under­stand how it is, because we have a thousand ideas in our minds. About…

Find your favorite scent!

In previous blogpost, I talked about what a scent actually is and how it can be explained. A scent is like a feeling. The scent give you feelings of bravery, vitality, security, elegance, joy, harmony, tranquility, vigour, love and many more. Now you need to know how…


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