The Aroma Dream Scents and their different effects

All about scents


Our lavender oil is gathered by Young Living from Simiane-La-Rotonde in France. It is a very hilly landscape which has earned a worldwide reputation for its lavender. Lavender oil has a myste­rious, layered aroma that produces a multitude of effects that have been appre­ciated all over the world for centuries.  Worn in AD Jewelry it will help you stay calm. It’s also known for its elegance, making it perfect for the evening. Lavender helps bring inspi­ration every day, which is why it has a cherished place in every oil lover’s home. It is simply a must have. It helps you reduce stress, but what is less well known is that it helps repair damaged skin. Wonder­fully versatile, it’s perfect as both a perfume and a massage oil.


Lime is great! It boost your mood immediately. Really immediately. You will be in a good mood all day long. It is so positive that it is a great oil for Beginners. So if you have never tried an oil yet, take this one! It is also effective to your respi­ration and a clear mindset. But please take care to go with it into sunlight. Better to put it into your Aroma Dream Jewelry. For the first inhale you’ll have immediately a better mood. Promise!


Orange is an oil we simply can’t do without. We bet every oil lover has at least one bottle of orange at home. It helps you sleep better and improves your mood. It is very important that your orange oil is of good quality. There should be nothing in it other than orange oil. No carrier oil. No additives. So the orange oil will provide you with all its benefits!


Peppermint oil is our number one. Our handbag is never without it. A  single drop helps you concen­trate the whole day. In combi­nation with Orange oil, it is a real boost for your mood. It makes you happy and awake the moment you smell it. It’s perfect for long journeys by car or train and for dealing with exams and other stressful situa­tions. In the Summer it is cooling, and prevents your body from tensing up.


Frankin­cense helps you live in the present. It’s the scent to reach for when you need to stop thoughts from churning inces­santly in your head. That’s why it’s been used for centuries to enhance yoga and meditation. Put a drop of this oil into your Aroma Dream Jewelry and take it to a Yoga Class. Also put some on your palms and take your time inhaling the aroma. The yoga will be more intense, more relaxing. You will feel closer to YOU. In the evening, frankin­cense helps you calm down and reflect on your day. Frankin­cense also works beauti­fully in combi­nation with lavender oil.


Lemon­grass oil is one of the great fragrances we selected for our Aromadream Candle. Lemon­grass quickly brings balance to your body. Lemon­grass aids digestion and brings a host of other health benefits, both physical and mental.  Its scent is one of a kind.

Fashion changes every month, a scent will last forever

Aroma Dream jewelry designs are inspired by the wonderful world of nature. Each one will be a true companion, a talisman, a classy, fragrant piece of jewelry that lasts a lifetime.

The scents diffused by Aroma Dream Jewelry

Your favorite scent can affect you in so many ways. 
It helps you connect with your emotions, making you feel inspired, boosting your creativity. The effect is almost immediate. The scent starts to trigger your emotions within 20 seconds of reaching your brain’s limbic system. This is where all the emotions you’ve felt since you were born are stored. You really can experience lower stress and tension while wearing your jewelry. In the morning, scent helps you gather the energy you need to get through your day (lemon & lime are really good at this!), during a work day it can bring you great concen­tration (try peppermint) and during the evening it can calm you down (lavender works wonders) or helps you feel more spiritual during your yoga class (frankin­sense).

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You can find a scent that works in harmony with almost every situation. Scents can be masculine, feminine, superior. They caress your senses. The scent in your Aroma Dream Jewelry is always a personal choice. It can enhance your mood and boost your strength, bravery, romance or mascu­linity. Finding one’s favourite scent is a journey of explo­ration for some, while others find it immediately!


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