Which scent can stimulate your creativity?

Creative people have a close connection to themselves, think deeply about their actions and are often in tune with other peoples’ feelings.

We under­stand how it is, because we have a thousand ideas in our minds. About maintaining business, about other people, family and friends.

While working on your emails, while thinking to need some exercise or spending too long on a conver­sation although we don’t have the time to do it.

Scents that can stimulate your focus and get the best out of your creativity.

These three are our favorites:

  • Lemon!
  • Berga­motte!
  • Orange!

When you wake up in the morning with these scents you´ll have the power to keep a clear, focused mind throughout the day. You´ll find yourself thinking of fresh ideas.

Perfect for your Aroma Dream Jewelry: A mix of Orange and Peppermint.
Also lemon­grass is a great boost. Try it! It will work!

If you need to feel grounded, then we recommend a mix of Bergamot and Cedarwood. This gives you the perfect glow!


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