Designer Aroma Sterling Silver Jewelry Collection

The finest collection of designer aroma jewelry. Aroma Dream is the world’s first brand that combines scent and design. The family-run company has developed a collection of jewelry, handmade by craftsmen in Bali in a unique way that allows the wearer to put their favourite scent inside.

The jewelry gently diffuses the aroma from the perfume or aroma oil and makes it last for as long as two weeks.

Our Story

Scents inspired by nature

Throughout history, in every corner of the world, people have always loved jewellery. There is something special, some would say even magical about it. We are fasci­nated by the way it compli­ments the natural beauty we possess. A fine piece of jewellery instantly makes us look and feel different. Jewellery makes us happy.

Inspired by nature and with nature at its heart

The greatest jewellery has a vital connection with the natural forms and textures of our bodies.
But what if it contained something that was the essence of nature itself? What would happen if a beautiful, hand-crafted piece of jewellery had the purest, most precious essential oils at its heart? Scents gathered from plants and trees by those with ancient knowledge of aroma­therapy. You will discover the secret for yourself the moment you first wear an exquisite piece of Aroma Dream jewellery. Each piece delights you with its beauty and trans­forms your mood with its aroma. Aroma Dream is quite simply a match made in heaven

Scents which suit your mood

The ultimate in personal jewellery: a unique hand-made piece with a scent that’s perfectly suited to you
Of course, people have worn always worn both jewellery and perfume. But having jewellery itself radiate subtle aromas is something new. The jewellery protects the scent and makes it last. Just a couple of drops on the pad inside can last for two weeks.

Our Concept

Aroma­therapy with elegance

The ultimate in personal jewelery: a unique hand-made piece with a scent perfectly suited to you. 
People have always worn both jewelery and perfume. Having jewelery radiate subtle aromas itself is something new. The jewelery protects the scent and makes it last. Just a couple of drops on the pad inside can chance your mood..

The aroma is appre­ciated by the people around you, but the biggest benefit is to yourself. When you wear Aroma Dreams, you take your own aroma­therapy room wherever you go. Scents that relax, inspire, invigorate. Some scents are fun, others can help you concen­trate. All are perfectly natural with no chemical side-effects. You can find scents that can can change your mood, improve your sense of well-being and even transform your life. Once understood by a select few, people all over the world are waking up to the natural benefits of essential oils. They go on a wonderful journey, exploring their senses, until they find the scent - or the combi­nation of scents - that suits their indivi­duality. Or they can use different oils to suit different moods and activities.


Turn your bracelet into a necklace! Every locket has a 5mm lug that is designed to fit every necklace or bracelet in the collection. And to really surround yourself with soothing aromas, a bracelet and a necklace can be worn together!

Your Aroma Dream jewellery will give you a new style and attitude that will be noticed in any situation. People will be attracted by both the appearance and aroma of the jewellery you’re wearing. They’ll want to see it, touch it and smell it for themselves.

Our Spirit


Every piece is unique, handmade - it is one of a kind. No mass-production.Designed for eternity in Germany, handcrafted in Bali 100% Sterling Silver

Helps provides positive feelings of energy and wellbeing

With this lovingly created and fair-trade produced handi­craft, you can show the world what scents really mean to you in the most elegant and exclusive way. With Aroma Dream Jewellery you’ll be wearing a unique piece of the worlds first designer jewellery for aroma­therapy.

We love Aroma Oils and Perfume. Thats why we created Aroma Dream! Because we simply know that it makes us happy.




No Masspro­duction

We don't believe in mass production, we think our customers prefer individual handcrafted designs. This is why we only produce small numbers of our jewelry. We offer parti­cular gemstones subject to their availa­bility. So if you see one you like, grab it before it’s gone!


Designed for eternity

We like the philo­sophy of our grandmother’s time when they wore their jewelry throughout their life and then passed it on to the next generation. Your jewelry is made of 100% Sterling Silver and just like your passion for scent it lasts forever. Exclu­sively designed in Frankfurt and sustainably handcrafted by one of the best silvers­miths in Bali. The design and mechanism that make it so effective at diffusing aroma means Aroma Dream Jewelry is completely unique.


Fair Production

Aroma Dream makes sure that the workers enjoy fair condi­tions. When you wear Aroma Dream Jewelry you show the world that you value fair and sustainable production. Unique designs combined with high quality materials, sustainable and fair production methods mean that similar products can’t be found on any other website.


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